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KR Elixir established in the year 2006 has been unlocking the world of Data Solutions and enriching its experience to their clients, the core objectives of the company are to deliver Business and IT Solutions that exude quality, time and budget efficiency.

The company also has its expertise in managing solutions related to Data Governance, Data Analytics, Big Data and Cloud. Data has been our forte since the inception, we have mastered the application delivery that supports the Data delivery.

We also develop effective digital solutions related to mobile and web applications by consistently delivering unmatchable solutions. We understand the needs of Businesses that are scaling and growing, we deliver optimum ERP and CRM solutions to enable them to scale further.

KRE ​Services

Embrace modernization thorough implementing cutting edge technology with KRE Services.
Enhance Growth, Security, Speed and Accuracy while keeping a focus on time and budget.
KRE Managed Services

Solve Your Toughest Technology Challenges with our Industry Leading Consultants.

We bring highly regarded consulting expertise combined with deep Industry experience to solve business challenges. We help you improve key business functions and complete enterprise-level projects, all while cutting expenses and driving value.

Our fully customized solutions and resources include assistance with:

  • Integration of advisory services and operational problem solving so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Project management and implementation services to help complete your initiative
  • Custom-built teams of specialists and support professionals
  • Onboarding and support of all project resources
  • A strategic method for improving operations or reducing costs
  • Systematic reporting to track progress and improvement
The 3 Core Pillars of Successfully Managed Services
Automation- it streamlines workflow, reduces manual tasks, accelerates processes and eliminates costly delays
Server-oriented rules engines- that assess and formalize decision points with multiple outcomes
Enhanced customer experience- Saving time and minimizing interruptions thereby creating impressive value
Key to innovation- Going above and beyond the expected to ensure the services run smoothly and securely
Tailored expertise- The services offer a clear, significant advantage to the clients as per their changing needs
Technology investments- Delivering dedicated, prioritized and proactive solutions to businesses hence protecting the tech investments
By outsourcing top international solution providers, we help businesses drive innovation & growth, improving agility
Cost reduction- the approach helps to reduce operational costs, conserve capital budget and lower the operating expenses
Frequent update and tailor of services reduces the impact of challenges on daily operations
Implementing new technologies- this helps in reaping maximum benefits in a short time
A diverse collection of skills and experience allows businesses to offer services on a global basis, helping understand their clients better
Internal team- Hiring the resources that possess all the knowledge to support the work system
Staying in line with current regulations in order to tackle all kinds of challenges
Unlimited support-Unlimited support- that can tailor a solution as and when you require with flexibility

We leverage technology to grow your business. Let us talk to know more

We leverage technology to grow your business. Let us talk to know more

Corporate Headquarters

3568 Old Milton Pkwy,
GA 30005

India Office

Amsri Plaza, #106,
S.D Road, Secunderabad
Telengana – 500003

India Office

46/4,  GB Palaya,
Kudlu Gate, Bengaluru
Karnataka– 560068

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