Data Governance

The future of business is defined by Data. Data Governance would be the key driver of growth for businesses.

Data Governance is the execution and enforcement of authority over the management of data assets and the overall performance of data functions.
Governance of Data includes the rules, policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities that guide overall management of enterprise data assets. Governance also provides the guidance to ensure that data is accurate & consistent based on a set of enterprise data standards to meet the business goals and at the same time fulfilling the compliance requirements.

Main drivers of Data Governance efforts are:

  • Data Integrity and Quality
  • Regulatory Compliance and Security
  • Centralized Data Management and Reporting
  • Architecture and Application Development
  • Policy Standardization
  • Executive Management Requirement

Our proven Data governance framework include Policies and Procedures that enhances ability and controls around data asset movement and migrations, especially in Enterprise Cloud Migration.

Our key assessment areas include:

  • Data Quality
  • Master Data Management
  • Meta Data Management
  • Architecture
  • Data Security
  • Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Data Retention

We leverage technology to grow your business. Let us talk to know more

We leverage technology to grow your business. Let us talk to know more

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