Big Data

The biggest challenge for every business is in the utilization of the huge pile of Data

Data remains to be the most elusive problem which is yet to be solved by businesses, big data has become the all more elusive one. The methods and analysis that need to be put in place to streamline data for utilization is the big issue for almost every business.

KR Elixir is one of the leading companies implementing cutting edge Analytical solutions by using Apache family tools. We have extensive experience in analysis and implementation of solutions involving these extremely powerful tools to the real-world data warehouse and data streaming solutions as applicable for your current environment. A sample example shown in the picture.

Easy, Real-Time Stream Processing

KR Elixir will provide real world solutions working with streams, providing full fault tolerance for mission-critical environments with unified analytical output for easy and quick monitoring. All of this will be done with fraction of cost with 1000X faster compared to other solutions with regular conventional tools. There are several tools that can be used depending on the nature of the work. KR Elixir, will sit with your team, understand the functional and technical requirement and provide the best solution for optimum results keeping the cost and long-term return on investment in mind.

Fast, Powerful Data Processing

For analysts and data scientists who rely on iterative algorithms
we can deliver solutions 1000x faster than conventional solutions.
Will help deliver faster insight on more data, resulting in better business decisions and user outcomes.

  • Speed: Data processing up to 1000x faster than regular conventional solutions both in-memory and on disk
  • Power: Write sophisticated parallel applications quickly in Java, Scala, or Python to get visibility to data and provide analysis.
  • Integration: Can be integrated to the current environment.

We leverage technology to grow your business. Let us talk to know more

We leverage technology to grow your business. Let us talk to know more

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